Marshall(and others) at Xmas

Hope everyone had the best Christmas! As expected – Marshall was completely spoiled with toys , treats and left over Turkey !

One toy has already seen better days though and I may need to sneakily pop it in the bin. Shhhhhh

I go back to work tomorrow for one measly day-sigh- but I’ve had a great Christmas and boxing day!

Marshall met his cousin today – a cockapoo called George that has joined the family. We arranged for them to meet briefly in my living room on Xmas Eve and it was a bit of a diaster. Marshall was so rough and overly excited that poor George was terrified.

So to say that we were concerned how Christmas go was an understatement. You see Marshall loves dogs – like really LOVES them but his crazy jumpy nature can irritate other dogs or frighten them and poor Marshall doesn’t know what he’s done wrong.


Christmas day was amazing!! Marshall was caring and patient and even shared his toys! He enjoyed the canine company! And little George did over step the mark on a few occasions ie barking in Marshall’s face ( Marshall hates getting barked at), biting his tail and jumping all over him when he was sleeping.

Marshall was a dream. He was the kindest soul and he did not get the credit he deserved. I could have cried at how proud I was of him .

Forever my angel.

Marshall is loving that I’m off work and enjoying all the cuddles on the couch.

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Christmas with Marshall Part 1

So Christmas 2018….here it comes! The quickest year of my life and the most rewarding watching Marshall grow and get cheekier every day!

With Christmas comes lots and lots of nights out! And of course I need to make arrangements for Marshall which sucks big time.. especially with work!

You see everyone with kids gets to pre-book time off because they don’t have child care ..which is fine because one day I will be on a similar position BUT what about me? What about Marshall?

Marshall has a dog walker and it really does help because me and Chris both work full time and we aren’t close enough to pop in and see him on our lunch break.

He loves a walk! Sooooo anyway our dog walker finishes up for Xmas before me and Chris do 😥 slightly concerned but I’m sure we will get some kind soul to watch him.

It isn’t the easiest getting someone to watch an excitable boxer believe it or not 😂. Please volunteer.

We have however got his Xmas presents sorted which include bones,a wee Turkey just for him and a few toys! The big man in red won’t see Marshall short!

And we welcome more nights out because when your hungover …Marshall is there for plenty of hugs or just to sit on your knee and keep you company ❤️❤️

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Junior Tomlinson

So , if you read my last blog- and I really hope you did! You will know that me and Chris left our beloved Marshall behind to venture to Turkey for a much needed rest.

And we did rest – and although I know the heat in Turkey would have been too much for Marshall I still couldn’t shake missing him.

You see me and Chris got Marshall just as my Papillon Junior *who stayed at my mums* health was deteriorating.

IMG_0407 (002)

He was my world. I had known him ( weirdly enough) longer than my own brother as he was ripe at the age of 20! He was boisterous and bossy right to the bitter end.

But , his health had took a turn for the worst in has last year. He was old and loosing weight rapidly. He would cry in his sleep and walk about dazed. Our vet was amazing and supported Junior and my family through it all.

Junior unfortunately had been whimpering for about 12 hours and my mum had sat with him all night – tears prickling her eyes. She called me – at this point I had moved in with Chris- and confirmed that his health was hurting him. I just knew in her voice what she meant.

I got straight out of bed and drove to my mums. I came in and Junior was walking around crying bumping into things and my heart sank. We took him to the vets and I held him tightly , kissing his head, whispering I loved him until he took his very last breath.

He had kept me company for 20 long amazing years and I will never forget the joy he brought me. I cut a piece of his hair off and placed it in my purse.

I went home that day and stayed in bed sobbing. I missed Chris’ cousin graduation daughter and regretfully didn’t look at Marshall much for that day. The days after were hard and I still cry at the very mention of his name – its still raw.


I had Marshall. He filled my heart with love so much that it helped me get over my loss. I think if I didn’t already have Marshall at that point- I wouldn’t have got another dog. I couldn’t cope with the heartache.

I always think of Junior and Marshall’s gingery coat is similar to Junior’s soft long hair. You see if you’ve never had a dog – you will never truly know the heartache when you loose them.



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Marshall.. continued…

So my boy is now 16 months old and he is genuinely my best friend. We do a lot together but it sucks that as a “Dog Mum” you can’t take him everywhere with you, by this I mean on holiday.

This year me and my boyfriend have had a wedding every month – and its been so expensive. So much so that we haven’t had much time as we would like to just do stuff on our own BUT we have finally got to our last wedding which is November and we can now focus on our own plans.

We have Turkey ( in one weeks time) , Dublin in October and New York in November! Its all go!


Of course we wont be able to bring Marshall and I am filled with anxiety about leaving him. He won’t be in boarding kennels during these holidays he will be watched by family and friends but it still doesn’t ease my mind.

I know more than anyone how to look after Marshall and I don’t doubt that he will be in good care – I just know I will miss him! There is no comparison to “Dog Mum” love- is there?

If anyone has any helpful tips that will make me worry less and time to pass more quickly- hit me up!

I mean how can anyone not miss his face?

FullSizeRender (003)

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The Introduction….

Thanks – for even clicking on this page.

This is my first blog and of course it has to be about my beautiful puppy (15-month-old) Boxer – Marshall Murray. If you know me personally, you will know how much I care about Marshall.

I am 100% a self-confessed Dog Maw.

And proud – he is amazing.

So, I’ll just fill you in on our timeline so far….

I met my boyfriend Chris around November 2016 and we completely hit it off- so much so that I moved in with him the following April. Chris had never had a dog ever, ever, ever and I love dogs so I 100% knew we would get one together.

Chris wanted a boxer and when I was younger my mum and dad had two so I was right up for it. While Chris was off work due to his back – he thought it was the best time to get a puppy and I agreed but never thought it would happen. I say this because he was due to go on a pre-Emma, pre-planned family holiday to Florida.

But he did…

I came home from work in June 2017 and he’s like do you want to go see a Boxer pup? I would never say no. So, we drove to Barrhead and met lovely couple and 3 lovely pups – the loveliest being our Marshall of course.

IMG_1214.JPG 34

IMG_1216.JPG 56

The couple advised their Boxer dog had got pregnant and they were overjoyed but unfortunately due to a terrible time in labour – she died whilst giving birth. Only 3 out of 9 pups survived and the couple reared the 3 in place of the puppy’s mum. It was heart breaking – truly horrible to see so much devastation in people’s eyes.

We paid the deposit for Marshall and confirmed we would pick him up on our return from our 2nd couples holiday to Sorrento. It was literally the best day.

IMG_1208.JPG 12

Now – 15 months on and we can’t imagine life without him. Perhaps less stressful … but that’s about it.  Dogs literally bring joy to my life and my family’s life – and have done for years. My family has always had dogs and although its brought sadness sometimes- all the happy times are worth more. I get to see it from afar with Chris and its honestly amazing!

To be continued…


Love Emma